House Construction

First Steps in House Construction

The foundations are the first major feature in house building, but before this, a survey is normally carried out to check the ground and the surround of the proposed foundation site.

A professional ground survey is carried out by a structural engineer, who will probably have trial holes dug around the site to get an idea of the best means of placing the foundations.

By hiring a structural engineer, you will probably  have to accept that Continue reading House Construction

How To Fix The UK Housing Market

Is It Possible To Fix The UK Housing Bubble?

Since it seems the birth of time itself, Britain has been transfixed by house prices and the property ladder. The Housing market has ebbed and flowed for hundreds of years, but over time continues its march onwards and upwards.

The old addage that they aren’t making any more land is of course valid, and in the UK, property prices are driven by a lack of supply.

In any market where there are more eager buyers than there are sellers, prices will rise. In the UK, this continued rise has often bemused onlookers and experts alike. Apart from the occasional finance crash, mortgage supply has allowed new buyers to Continue reading How To Fix The UK Housing Market

The Rise of On-line Shopping

The Rise of On-line Shopping

The internet has opened so many doors to so many people, it seems hard to remember when on-line just wasn’t a part of our lives.

Smart mobile phones and tablets have made it easy for almost anyone to access it from anywhere at any time, and this one of the powering factors behind the seemingly unstoppable rise in on-line shopping, and why not, indeed.

The scope for the stock capacity of on-line retailers seems almost endless, and the choices on-line are stupendous. From your computer you can Continue reading The Rise of On-line Shopping